About Me

Bryan Segers ( 1994 )

Is a Dutch composer who has been autodidact for most of his youth and teen years. At age 3/4 he played everything by ear on Theatre Organ. Eventually he wanted more and started to take piano lessons at the age of 12 which pushed him to further explore what it ment to compose. 

Years later he got interested in how the piano mechanics worked and studied Pianotechnique for one year.  In that same year he also submitted His compositions he secretly wrote. The conservatory of Amsterdam was impressed by his work and so he started not only composition but also piano at the conservatory of Amsterdam in that same year.

Life was very challenging at the time, and so he was forced to quit eventually. Before he quitted, his teacher convinced him to stil take the Exam in Piano which after, was marked as phenomenal which earned him a recommendation letter to enroll in Masterclasses.

Instead, He took a break from music for some time so he could work on himself.  When things started to fall into place a few years later, he decided to try something new.  Game and Film music at the conservatory in Enschede. 

He's curently a freelancer in music for Film/Game and also stil active in the Arts which has nothing to do with media. He scored a few animation shorts &short movies and also provided sounddesign for some. He also wrote many challanging piano works and studies ( Etudes ) to improve  professional Pianists, Arranged an Opera for saxophone-quartet on commission and did a lot of Engraving and Arranging.

Music has been his passion since he was little. " Music... It's not something you see as just a job.. Music is life and the other way around aswell !  I'll always come back to music, whenever It pays good or not. "