Composer/Pianist  Concert/Game/Film music

Mock-ups and Real Recordings.

Composing / Arranging / Engraving / Sounddesign and Foley

Classical, Jazz, Pop, 8bit, and much more.

Classic Genres

  1. Baroque 
  2. Classical 
  3. Romantic
  4. Impressionism
  5. Contemporary classical
  6. Hollywood's Golden Age

Other Genres

  1. Epic Orchestral tracks
  2. Anime OST
  3. Nintendo OST
  4. 8bit music
  5. Jazz
  6. Metal
  7. Electronic music combined with orchestra. 
  8. Pop , Jpop, Kpop

Both solo and orchestral music

Musical Content for your project/concert

I think i'ts wonderful to bring life to your project. Music is Like painting, we paint with sound to create beautiful textures for the world you created.

CONCACT  for more information

I'd be Happy to answer all of your questions. We can talk about  Music , Sounds , Foley you need for your project/concert, Or what music you'd like to copy/engrave.

©2017 Bryan A.J. Segers Studio
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